OASIS Payroll Services:

All of the employees working in a company after doing a hectic monthly job expect to have their wages to be delivered on time. This makes a sense of satisfaction among the employees and establishes a good connection between the employees and the company administration. To make the employees get their pays on time OASIS Outsourcing has brought a solution for the company by name of OASIS Payroll Services. Oasis payroll services provide complete solution to the company by taking the load of pay management at their own. They have a team of experts who work to calculate the pays of the associated company and a proper, correct delivery system. The OASIS Outsourcing provides a complete and state of the art payroll services and the key payroll services are stated below:

  • Payroll accrual, tracking and processing
  • Payroll deposit options
  • Web based payroll system

The details of the OASIS Payroll services are stated below:

Payroll Accrual, Tracking and Processing: These services do the following tasks:

  • Accommodate most PTO Policies.
  • Automates the manual tracking of time off, which can be printed on the employee pay card.
  • Tracks time by fiscal year, anniversary and pay period accrual.
  • Calculates on the base of months worked, hours worked or on a flat amount.

Extensive job costing gives the employer's following abilities:

  • The ability to track by department, division, project, and shift for billing and costs purposes.
  • Multiple tiered reports and invoices with sort option salary, rate and rate allocation.
  • The ability to track job coasted salary percentage splits, multiple job functions and multiple rates as jobs are performed.

Salary, job and rate allocation gives employer the ability to track job coasted salary percentage splits multiple job functions and multiple rates as jobs are performed.

Payroll processing options include flexible interface options with clock and point of service systems, Microsoft excel interface options, internet based self-service spreadsheet entry is available 24/7.

Payroll Deposits options:

The oasis systems provide good deposits options, which provide ease to manage the credits and deposits. The services include:

  • Deposit of money into multiple accounts using fixed, percentage or balanced amounts.
  • Secure transfer of money into employees account due to proper time frames.
  • Acceptable documentation includes employee card,etc.
  • It eliminates the possibility of lost check, late check arrival due to mail delays.

When an employee goes for the opening of direct payroll services account then a pre notification begins at the point of entry and remains in the system for seven working days. The employee account is verified by sending zero dollar transaction for safe transactions. Debit card option is available for all those employees who do not have checking or saving accounts.

WEB Based Payroll Systems:

This system provides managing reports (access to payrolls, benefit reports and more). It also provide customized report writer for building customized reports using master employee information. It also provide online support center, which is active 24/7. The client service center provides all facilities to the employees whenever the need help. It supports the file lodging as the transfer of file from any format.

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